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Would you like to sing in a choir? Even if you have never sung in a choir before, or are perhaps a bit rusty, Remix Voices may be the very thing for you. We will teach you everything you need to know to enable you to sing in a modern choir. Previous experience is not necessary, and you will not need to take an audition. Remix Voices has just celebrated its first five years, two choirs having started in the autumn of 2009, and two more in January 2010, so if you are keen to get involved in something new and exciting, this is the perfect time to come and join us.

Reading Remix Voices at Reading Concert Hall

The Choirs will sing the best of easy listening and popular songs arranged in a harmony style, which should appeal to all. Music from Will Young, Nik Kershaw, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Katrina and the Waves, Bette Midler and other popular artists will be typical of the songs we will be singing. There is no requirement to read music, as all songs will be taught at rehearsals and backed up with audio files.

Remix Voices, will have a high standard of visual presentation, but this will not involve choreography. If you love singing but dread the thought of lots of moving around, you'll fit in well with the Remix Voices philosophy.

Would you like to sing with Choir Remix, but find the thought of joining a fast moving, highly musical choir a bit daunting? Come and join Remix Voices, and when you are comfortable you can find out the best way to get involved in our more advanced choir, where the standards are more exacting.

For more information visit the Remix Voices website. Alternatively, look at the Remix Voices area on Facebook. Simply log into your account and type Remix Voices into the search box.

Come and try singing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Joining Remix Voices

First step - simply turn up to any of the rehearsals listed below, or email to register an interest.


For details of our next rehearsals, please click here.

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