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We are a mixed voice choir, five parts in all with the top four being female and the bottom one male. The voice names and normal ranges are given below.

Soprano Parts -

highest note F one octave and a fourth above middle C.
lowest note A a minor third below middle C.

Alto Parts -

highest note C one octave and a tone above middle C.
lowest note G a major fourth below middle C.

Bass Parts -

highest note D a tone above middle C.
lowest note G one octave and a fourth below middle C.

Musical arrangements will avoid extremes of range in all parts. See the Music page for details of some of the songs to be performed.

The choir has its own unique sound. Smooth, velvety and easy to listen to. If you are unsure as to whether your voice will fit in, don't worry. We'll teach you some techniques to help you produce the right sound that fits in with the other singers.

The main requirement is that you can sing accurately in harmony with other parts, and be able to sing without vibrato.

Choir Remix News

We are currently expanding Choir Remix, and we are delighted to welcome some new singers to this challenging and rewarding group.

Over the next few months we will be adding to our repertoire, in addition to bringing the new singers up to speed.

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